1994 Pontiac Transport



January, 12, 2006 AT 8:46 AM

Over the past 6 months, my wife's 94 Transport has developed a series of what might be called " accessory" problems. The first involved the rear window wiper (sometimes worked, sometimes didn't); next was the passenger side power window (goes down but not up; I replaced the switch, but no help); then, the cruise control died; the heater/ac now has various problems [all heater buttons (Mix, Bi-level, etc.) Activate the defroster only, dashboard blowers don't work, etc.]; The latest and most disturbing is this - starting with the abs sensor light, [u: a7cdc62dcd]sometimes[/u: a7cdc62dcd] all of the sensor lights in the dashboard stay on after the engine is running. Throughout all of this, the car runs fine; i.E, engine, transmission, brakes, cooling system, etc. On occasion, the motor won't turn over, but then five minutes later, it starts. It's all so wierd, it makes me think of when a computer's cpu overheats or somehow starts to fail and strange things pop up on the monitor. Is there a common control module for this car's electrical accessories the failure of which could account for the type of problems I'm describing? It's just too coincidental to think that this many accessories would start to go bad due to short circuits, corroded contacts, etc. I would appreciate any info anyone could give me (I've read all the questions/answers in the database for this vehicle re computer fault codes, etc.).


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January, 12, 2006 AT 5:53 PM

BCM or Body Control Module



January, 24, 2006 AT 8:45 AM

Thanks. Does anyone know where this BCM is located in this vehicle (94 Transport)? Is it the unit next to the circuit breaker/relay panel under the passenger side dash?

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