1996 Pontiac Sunfire



March, 18, 2010 AT 9:40 AM

Electrical problem
1996 Pontiac Sunfire 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 240000 miles

My car was originally a 2.4L engine. It was changed over to the 2.2L, using the motor, trans, complete engine wiring harness and computer from a 97 sunfire that had 50,000 miles on it. (That was a little over 100,000 miles ago.) My car recently started dieing at highway speeds after driving about an hour. It would coast about 50 feet and start going again. I put a used fuel pump assembly and a new fuel filter on it but it didn't help. I then put a new fuel pump assembly on it and it ran good for 3 days then started the same thing again. After a couple more days it started cutting out while driving, died and wouldn't start. No fuel and no spark. (It is not giving any computer codes saying there is a problem.) I have replaced the fuel pump assembly again, key switch, computer, wiring harness under the hood, all fuses, all relays, crankshaft sensor, coil pack, reset theft system and it still has no spark and no fuel. Any suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated. (The engine cranks over good, dash lights are all on like normal when the key is on, I have power in and out of all the fuses in the fuse box, checked with test light.)


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March, 18, 2010 AT 10:00 AM

Any applicable fuses, did you check for voltage on the fuse circuit? Use a testlite or digital multimeter, something, to check for voltage on the fuse circuit, if you haven't already. Check B+ and ground at he ignition module. Pink wire is voltage, goes hot when you turn on the key. Black wire is ground.

Do you have voltage at the injector, engine cranking? Can you tell if there is an rpm signal?



April, 28, 2010 AT 12:36 PM

I have power in and out of all the fuses. I don't have a mulimeter but I checked with a test light. I have checked the ground and power at the ignition module and I do have power with the key turned on. (I have replaced the coils and ignition module and still no spark)

When I tested for power at the injector with the engine cranking I do not have power at the injectors.

Could this be some sensor? If so what sensor and where is it located?

I have replace most of the sensors on the engine already including the Crankshaft sensor.

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