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September, 4, 2007 AT 12:38 PM

I have a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird conv w/ 2.0L engine and 128000 miles. When the engine gets to full temperature (1/2 way up the gauge and fan is on) it leaks coolant out the bottom below the area of the water pump, one might even say gushes coolant out the bottom. When the engine is cool and up until the gauge reaches 1/4 the leak is non-existant or very slow. It seems that the fuller the coolant the faster the leak, after some of the coolant is gone the leak slows down, but will eventually leak enough to cause the engine to overheat. The leak appears to be coming from the area of the water pump or the two hoses that connect to the engine below the intake manifold and behind the power steering pump. I am looking to remove the Alternator and Power steering pump in hopes of replacing those hoses. I checked a Chilton's manual and can not find any information on replacing those hoses. How big a job is this for an amateur mechanic? How much more teardown is required to access the Water pump? I am wondering if I should just tear down and replace the water pump and the hoses together. Would a cracked block tend to leak more when the engine was cool vs hot? ?


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September, 4, 2007 AT 6:05 PM

Time to replace the waterpump! Water is now going around the pump bearing. Just a mater of time till you ruin the head or block if you keep driving!



December, 1, 2007 AT 11:55 AM

I have a 1994 pontiac sunbird se 116,000 miles 3.1 v6
there is a small hose in the rear of the engine that goes to the heater core area in the dash compartment. It leaks. But my question really is, when I took the plastic tray off under the dash. The very hose that leaked led to a small tray in the plastic cover. It doesnt connect to anything. It just spills out into this tray. Which results in an interior leak and an exterior leak. Now I don't know if this is some kind of hot air hose that is some how taking on coolant. But it seemed kinda of odd that there was a hose leading from my engine to practically nowhere. So what I want to ask would I cause any adverse effects if I plugged this hose, and if so what they were? Advice PLEASE?

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