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November, 17, 2007 AT 3:13 PM

My auto is a 1994 Cdn Sunbird LE with 143,000km on it. The other day I put $20.00 worth of gas in it, not my regular gas station. They I took it in to have the oil changed. After that I was driving along and the front exhaust pipe fell off. I took it to a muffler shoppe and they replaced the pipe. My car is now sputting and spewing and almost stalling while it idles. I took it back to the muffler shoppe and he was quite insulted that I thought it might be his work. I am checking all possibilities at this point. Could it be the PCV valve, the timing chain or is it the pipe. It feels like it is not getting any gas. I put fuel injector liquid in the tank and some gasline antifreeze but this did not help at all. What could be wrong with my car. It always purrs like a kitten.
Thank you
Your form will not accept my donation of $10.00 for some reason. If you can tell me how to do it I will donate, but I have now tried four times.


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November, 17, 2007 AT 3:27 PM

I need a few questions answered here, first what color is the smoke? Did the smoke happen after the pipe was changed? If yes, it's covered with oils to keep it from rusting, it will burn away, if it smoked b4 the pipe change, I need the color. Is your check engine light on? And how long after you bought the gas did the trouble start? Checks and money orders can be mailed to the address in my signature.



November, 18, 2007 AT 9:10 AM

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Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 10: 01 am
Subject: from: Jodyree - 1994 Sunbird
All of my problems started after I had the pipe changed. After driving the car for about 15 minutes the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. The car seems to run OK when the light is on. The fellow at the muffler place said the car was blowing black smoke but I had never noticed it. It looks like billows of white smoke to me, but he said that it was black.
Ok white smoke could be a head or head gasket problem, black is too much gas! I would have the catalytic converter checked and the 02 sensor replaced. Hope for black smoke!

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