1986 Pontiac Sunbird 1986 Sunbird missing when at idle and

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 10,000 MILES
I have a 1986 Pontiac Sunbird that has a 1994 Jasper engine installed by the previous owner. The engine has about 12000 miles on it.

It was missing while at idle and riding down the road at a constant speed. (No backfire)

The previous owner had changed all the plugs, wires, and distributor cap.

I changed the spark plugs and noticed the gap was set to far and I set them to the factory.045 setting.

The car seemed to run ok with a very slight miss. I changed the button which seemed to make things worse.

Now the car hesitates and stalls when taking off.

I changed back to the original button and its still doing the same thing.

I did not cross any wires (I labeled them all)

The car also seems to be running rich as well.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I noticed the injector doesnt seem to be spraying fuel evenly as it should. I am having trouble removing it, can you post some instructions, thanks.
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Walmart does injector cleaning for small money,
if injector spray pattern is abnornal, something is plug somewhere.
here is your request:

Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Remove the air cleaner


Carefully remove the injector using a suitable prytool

Detach the injector electrical connector by squeezing the two tabs together and pulling straight up.
Use care in removing to prevent damage to the electrical connector pins on top of the injector, injector fuel filter and nozzle. The fuel injector is only serviced as a complete assembly. Do not immerse it in any type of cleaner.

Remove the fuel meter cover, as outlined in this section.
With the fuel meter cover gasket in place to prevent damage to the throttle body, gently pry up on the injector evenly and carefully remove it, using a suitable prytool


Installing the fuel injector in the throttle body

Remove the large O-ring and steel back-up washer from the top of the injector cavity in the fuel meter body, then remove the small O-ring at the bottom of the injector cavity. Discard the gaskets

To install:

Lubricate a new, small O-ring with clean automatic transaxle fluid, then push the O-ring onto the nozzle end of the injector, pressing the ring up against the injector fuel filter.
Place the steel back-up washer in the recess of the fuel meter body. Lubricate a new, large O-ring with clean automatic transaxle fluid, then install the O-ring directly above the back-up washer, pressing the O-ring down into the cavity recess. The O-ring is seated properly when it is flush with the fuel meter body casting surface.

Do not try to reverse this procedure and install backup washer and O-ring after injector is located in the cavity. This will prevent the O-ring from seating in the recess

Install the injector by using a pushing/twisting motion to the center nozzle O-ring in the bottom of the injector cavity and aligning the raised lug on the injector base with the notch case into the fuel meter body. Push down on the injector, making sure it is fully seated in the cavity. The injector installation is correct with the lug seated in the notch and the electrical terminals parallel to the throttle shaft in the throttle body.
Install the fuel meter cover, as outlined later in this section.
Attach the fuel injector electrical connector.
Install the air cleaner assembly.
Connect the negative battery cable.

good luck
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