1966 Pontiac GTO


Mr. Trash

May, 27, 2009 AT 1:33 PM

Electrical problem
1966 Pontiac GTO V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

I run the car for a short period of time (as it is not a daily driver), shut it down and electrical system goes out as if the battery were dead. The battery is not dead and the car will not turn over, no dome light, radio, etc. I've had it towed only to have it start after being rolled off the truck (could not duplicate problem). This last incident occured while at idol in the garage only this time it has not magically fixed itself. The car is currently dead in the garage and I do not know what to do first?


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May, 27, 2009 AT 2:56 PM

Have you tried cleaning battery terminals? Check connection at starter thoes small wires take power up to fuse and ignition. Also check ground connection at block.
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May, 27, 2009 AT 3:45 PM

On the starter is where there starter solonoid is, the big wire comes from the battery, that is for starting and also electric for the system. There should be another smaller wire connected with the battery cable that attaches to the solonoid with a 5/8 nut. The other small wire is used for when you energize the starter and comes from the ignition switch. Although the ground could be the problem on this year car sometimes it is a bad connection or a broken wire by the starter that is the problem. Check to see if you are getting voltage to these wires. My 62 ford s wires were so ibrittle when I got it that sometimes things would work and sometimes not. After changing the wires have had no problems. Use a static light and check the wire down to the starter solonoid. enclosing a diagram that I scanned. If it does not come out all right save it to your pictures and then you can resize it from there.

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