2001 Pontiac Grand Am



June, 5, 2006 AT 2:59 PM

I'm hoping that someone out there can help me. My 2001 Grand Am GT is acting up. It was running just fine and I even took on a road trip from the Bay Area to Sacramento with no problems. Then a few days after I get back, I'm driving home and someone driving next to me tells me my water is leaking and I look at the temp. Gauge and sure enough it's overheating. I make it home and just let it sit there for a few days since I wasn't able to look at it. Then I go ahead and put water in it to see if I can see where the leak is coming from. I don't see any leak except for the drops that I missed when I was pouring it. I wait a couple more days and then go back to it. Finish filling it up with water to see if there is a leak and nothing. I turn on the car and still no leak and the water level is not dropping. I drive it around a bit and then check the water level to see if it's gone down. Still nothing. So I drive it around some more and then when I stop at the store, and park, I hear the water boiling and then water spills out everywhere from that drainage hose at the resovior tank (I don't know the technical word for it). So I take it back home and when I park it, I hear the boiling again and more water out of that same hose. It's like it's backed up or something. Maybe it's clogged and I need to flush the radiator? Any suggestions?


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June, 5, 2006 AT 9:32 PM

Possible blown head gasket causing pressurizing of the coolant system



June, 9, 2006 AT 12:08 AM

Sticky thermostat maybe? I've got a 2000 GT coupe and I've noticed mine is always a little on the warm side too. Maybe the thermostat stays closed for so long the water starts boiling, then when it does decide to open up, it all comes running out. Just a thought.



June, 9, 2006 AT 11:37 AM

Thank you to those few who gave me ideas but I found the problem. It ended up that the 2 cooling fans weren't coming on and hence the boiling. I replaced the two fuses and it's all good now! So simple! Thanks again

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