2000 Pontiac Grand Am



June, 18, 2009 AT 5:11 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2000 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 174000 miles

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grandam that I have had since March. It started running hot after I got it well about 2 weeks later; so my fiance did some investigating and cahnged the thermostat when he got to it the Thermostat housing was very corroded and covered in what looked to be silicone well he changed the housing to. The car ran ok then started running low on coolant the low coolant light kept coming on. I also heard a gurgling sound under the hood when I turned the car off. I no longer hear that but it is still losing coolant I believe. Today I started the car and an the Low coolant light came on and remined on so I looked in the resevior and it was completly empty, I thought it leaved out I added more and started the car again and it all overflowed out, so where was the coolant to begin with? Also the temp gauge will move past the halfway mark and then in about 5 minutes go all back down below the half mark. Could I have a bad water pump. I have never let the car get hot enough to crack the head but I pray that it does not have one. I know that the car always cools itsrlf down before it really overheats so what can be the problem? Thanks so much


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June, 18, 2009 AT 6:18 PM

Hi Crystal
What seems to be going on is certainly a coolant leak, but cracked head prob not. A cracked head will make the car smoke excessively. White smoke.

I would have the system pressure tested this leak could be many things, but a pressure test will be more precise. Good luck billymac



June, 18, 2009 AT 6:34 PM

Well do you think the problem could be the water pump? Oh and I think I am going to cry now that you mentioned the smole becasue before we changed the thermaostat I was at a stop light and smoke come out from under the hood on the passengers side and then it did it again when I was waitng at a drive thru pharmacy, but it never gets too hot. I am so worried and confused I am going to take it to the shop tomorrow I am just scared I may ge tripped off since I am A woman. Thank you very much.




June, 18, 2009 AT 7:50 PM

Hi crystal. Please don, t cry. We will help you through the whole process. Take your car to the shop tell them it is leaking coolant and that you want it pressure tested.

The smoke you seen from under the hood is good. This means you have coolant leaking near the sight of the smoke. This means it is most likely a water pump or even a hose.

But remember you have control if you are not completely understanding what the tech is telling you or you have doubts you don, t have to deceide then. WRITE US we will tell you if you are being ripped off or not. Good luck billymac

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