1920 Pontiac Grand Am



February, 4, 2006 AT 8:20 AM

I need some information please- I have a 2000 grand am and the other day the check engine light came on and after having the code read we were told it was a knock sensor but were also told our car has 5 of them and we would have to take it to a dealership to find out which one was bad, well the light went off that same day and hasnt been back on, is that good or bad and also do you have to take it in to find out which is bad or is there a way to tell on your own and also how do you find the location of them? Is it something you can change on your own? Thanks for any help


2 Answers



February, 9, 2006 AT 1:49 PM

If its a v-6 it might have 2 at the most. If the car is hooked up to a scan tool you can tap on the engine and watch the knock sensors to see which one isnt working



February, 9, 2006 AT 2:10 PM

Our car is a four cylendor, the auto parts store where we took it to have the code read are the ones who told us there were 5 to the car and a dealership would have to pinpoint which one, well anyways the light has never came back on, once that sensor reads bad once, is it destended to come back on or is there a chance its just not bad? How many knock sensors does a 4 cyl have? Thanks for your help

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