2005 Pontiac G6 remote starter

  • 2005 PONTIAC G6
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 50,000 MILES
I have a pontiac g6 and the remote starter is not working. The doors, trunk unlock and lock with the fab. The headlights flash as normal but the car will not start wth the fab. This g6 came with a factory remote starter. Can you help me or lead me in the right direction.

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Monday, December 8th, 2008 AT 1:47 PM

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Does it have a SES light on?That could make it not remote start, here are other reasons also. The RVS System WILL NOT operate if any of the following conditions are present:

" A current vehicle DTC that illuminates the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is set - obtain vehicle DTCs.

" Keyless Entry Transmitter is not Operational.

" The vehicle is in Valet Mode.

" RVS is Disabled through Vehicle Personalization.

" More than 2 Remote Starts have been attempted.

" The HAZARD switch is in the ON position.

" A current HAZARD switch DTC is set.

" A current HOOD AJAR DTC is set.

" Rear compartment lid is ajar.

" Any Door is not locked.

" The Content Theft Deterrent (CTD) system detects an alarm trigger.

" Engine RPM greater than 0 Detected.

" Excessive Coolant TEMP is registered.

" Accelerator pedal position greater than 0 percent.

" Vehicle is not in PARK.

" A current Vehicle Theft Deterrent Malfunction DTC.

" A current Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System DTC is set.

" A vehicle speed sensor signal is detected by the ECM.

" Vehicle power mode is incorrect.

Also a faulty hood latch switch, there is an updated hood latch switch. Post back with any other questions.
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Monday, December 8th, 2008 AT 7:01 PM

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