1986 Pontiac Fiero removing alternator


Electrical problem
1986 Pontiac Fiero 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 54000 miles

i have the upper alternator bolt off, the charge cable and the side socket removed I have the lower bracket bolt removed, the lower alternator bolt, is completly seized up, ive used a breaker bar, a full wrench with pipe as leverage, ive tried to pry the damned thing out but since I cant get the lower alternator bolt off, trust me, the upper bracket bolt is my best bet since it isnt seized ive turned the alternator a little bit around tht bolt, but the upper bracket bolt is like inside the engine block? Or its like I cant find the head of it, how do I get the second alternator bracket bolt off? Thanks


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Sunday, July 25th, 2010 AT 3:48 PM

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If you can get some penetrating oil or brake fluid will do as well, spray it between the bracket and alternator. Let it sit for a day or so if you can. If you have an impact available and can reach it then use the impact to hammer on the bolt and see if it will loosen then. If you use a breaker bar, but a piece of pipe on it to get more leverage. When you do this, try to use your foot to push down on it instead of your hand. It may break the bracket but you will get the alternator off. When you replace it put anti sieze on the bolt so it doesn't happen again. I can't find any pictures to help you with this though.

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