1999 Plymouth Voyager



November, 6, 2006 AT 10:41 PM

1999 Plymouth Voyager
97,000 miles
2.4L 4 cyl

Recently, a grinding noise has made it's way into my engine compartment. It's a noise that exists 100% of the time the engine is running, and it intermittently gets louder during runtime. I have done some preliminary testing to see if the noise is consistent with the heating and AC system, but that has been inconclusive.

Under the hood, it seems to be one of the devices off of the drive belt, around the alternator.

While I'm not a complete novice at auto repair, I'd like to try and repair this one myself, if at all possible.

Thank you all for your expertise.


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November, 11, 2006 AT 8:12 AM

Ok, to check this problem, if u have more than one belt, take off the outer belt first then start the engine. If the noise goes away, then look into finding out which pully is making the noise. I have found that a grinding noise coming from the engine area is either the alternator, tensioner pully, ac acompressor, or idler pully. Still check them all. Another way is to (with all the belts on) take a long screwdriver and put the handle up to youe ear and touch the blade end on all suspected parts to see if it gets louder on some parts and not as loud on others. Also remove all belts and with your hand grab the pulleys and feel for any play and roughness. I usually start with the alternator first. Hope this helps

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