1995 Other Plymouth Models struts

  • 1995 PLYMOUTH
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 105,000 MILES
How to change struts out on a ply neon
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Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel. Remove brake hose routing bracket from strut bracket. Brake hose routing bracket is combined with speed sensor routing bracket (if vehicle is equipped with ABS).
WARNING:DO NOT remove strut rod nut. Coil spring is under extreme pressure. Removal without compressing spring may result in personal injury.

Loosen and remove strut-to-steering knuckle nuts. Bolts are serrated where installed into knuckle. DO NOT turn bolts in steering knuckle; damage will occur. Use soft faced hammer to drive bolts from knuckle. Remove 3 nuts attaching upper strut mount to shock tower. Remove strut damper and coil spring assembly.
NOTE:Coil springs are rated separately for each side of vehicle depending on optional equipment and type of service. Mark coil spring to ensure it is reinstalled on correct side of vehicle.

Position strut assembly vertical in vise. DO NOT clamp reservoir of strut assembly in vise. Compress spring with Spring Compressor (C-4838 ). Ensure first full top and bottom coil of spring is compressed with spring compressor. Install Strut Shaft Nut Remover (L-4558-A ) on strut shaft retaining nut. Install 10-mm socket on strut shaft hex head. Hold shaft from turning and remove strut rod nut. Remove upper strut mount assembly. Remove upper spring seat, pivot bearing and dust shield as an assembly. Remove jounce bumper. Remove coil spring. Note order of removal for reassembly.
CAUTION:DO NOT damage strut rod seal surface. Possible seal leakage can result.

Inspect strut damper for fluid leakage, damage or excessive wear. A slight amount of fluid seepage is usual and does not affect performance. Replace strut if fluid is leaking down sides of strut.
Check strut damper mount assembly for severe deterioration of rubber isolator. Inspect retainers for cracks and distortion. Check bearings for binding. Ensure damper has no flat spots over its entire stroke. Replace all worn parts as necessary.
Install components in reverse order of disassembly. See Fig. 1. Install upper mount and tighten retaining nut to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Remove spring compressor.
Install strut damper and coil spring assembly into shock tower. Install and tighten retaining nut and washer assemblies to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Position knuckle arm into strut assembly. Align strut-to-knuckle mounting holes.
Install serrated bolts with bolt heads facing rear of vehicle. Tighten nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Ensure bolts DO NOT turn in knuckle during tightening. Attach brake hose routing bracket-to-strut damper bracket, and tighten bolt to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Install wheel, and lower vehicle.
Raise vehicle. Remove wheel. Remove hose bracket from strut assembly bracket. Support knuckle, suspension and brake components before removing strut-to-knuckle bolts.
CAUTION:DO NOT let weight of knuckle and assembled components hang unsupported when strut assembly is removed. Bolts attaching strut assembly-to-knuckle are serrated, and must be held stationary in knuckle while removing nut.

Remove nut from bolt attaching strut assembly-to-knuckle. Use soft faced hammer to tap serrated bolts from knuckle. Lower vehicle. Open trunk to access upper strut mount. Remove carpet from top of strut tower (if required). Remove rubber dust shield from top of strut tower.
Support strut assembly before removing upper strut mount-to-strut tower retaining nuts. Remove upper strut mount-to-strut tower retaining nuts. Remove strut assembly from knuckle, and remove from vehicle.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all nuts and bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Check and adjust wheel alignment if required. See the appropriate WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES article in the WHEEL ALIGNMENT section.
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