1993 Plymouth



January, 16, 2007 AT 11:30 PM

I have a 1993 Plymouth Sundance that will not start. It is getting spark and fuel. It is also getting compression. I also visually checked the timing belt and it is in perfect shape and is not loose or anything.

I tried spraying starting fluid in the air intake while it was being cranked and it still wouldnt hit. It doesn't have a crank sensor so I know thats not it. Could the pickup coil in the distributor be causing this even though the plugs are firing?


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January, 18, 2007 AT 5:25 PM

Find top dead center and verify that the good looking timing belt didn't jump timing. (If you are getting spark to plugs and fuel at correct pressure.) If timing is verified correct, unplug MAF and see if it starts. Ignition switch, maybe injector pulse test. That's where I would start.

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