1990 Plymouth Laser odd sized head bolts

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Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Plymouth Laser 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

ok here is the problem I have a 1990 plymouth laser that has a bad motor. So I bought a 1993 off of craigslist for $100 and they are both 2.0 non turbo motors. The 93 had jumped timing and bent some valves so the guy I got it from had already gotten another head for the motor now my plan was to take the engine from the 93 put the head on it and put it the rest of the way together and put it in my 1990. Now when I went to put bolt the head on to the engine the head bolts dnt fit. I of course was using the ones I took out of my 1990 engine. They are too big. So I went out to the pick&pull and got some bolts out of a 1.8L just to see what if. Ok and yes I did check the vin#'s out to make sure everything was as it was suppose to be and it checked out. So I called the local parts store to see if maybe they sell two different head bolt kits and they told me that 1990- 94 2.0L engines all use the same head bolt. Now something else that I did was went back to the pick&pull and went searching the Daewoo's cuz I know that some of them have a similar 2.0L so I figured why not cant hurt. Right. Now this found me bolts that fit correctly but are too long. Basically I want to know what is going on here how do I get the correct head bolts for this engine? Please help this thing has me stuck. Thanks

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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 AT 9:41 PM

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Wow you got yourself a puzzle, I just got to throw my 2 pennies in. I guess first if it was me and I was putting all that time into it id use new head bolts, well your supose to anyways, but id go to the parts store with the daewoo bolts ask for new daewoo bolts and see if they are the same size, they might be a streach bolt. If it was auto zone you went to the first time try a diffrent one they are famous for putting the wrong part in the right box. Well theres my 2 cent good luck

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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 AT 10:15 PM

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