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March, 3, 2006 AT 8:54 PM

About a month ago I replaced a starter on my 92 plymouth acclaim, next morning it ran fine on the way to the car wash were I gunked down the engine, and transmission, and then sprayed it off real good with the high pressure hose, well when I left the transmission started slipping so I thought maybe it was low on fluid so I stopped to check it, well to my surprise the dip stick to the transmission was up about an inch, I guess on of the battery cables caught it as I was replaceing the starter!I changed the filter and fluid once then 6took it for an 8hr. Round trip, it ran like a new car. The next morning and every morning since I have to lay on the gas with it in reverse or drive for a few minutes before it will move, it does fine once I hit 40 miles per hour, but transmission slipping alot, in 1st& 2nd gear and stays in 1st to long before switching,
but still runs great from
45-80 mph and will do it all day at those speeds, do you think if I keep changeing filter and fluid it will get better, have had the car for 2 yrs and have put lots of new parts on it, what do you think the water is the problem, or is my transmission history now?


Transmission Flare


Transmission Problem


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April, 18, 2006 AT 3:34 AM

Sound like u have water in ur torque converter. Go to jiffylube and get a " t tech" or trany service flush. Pan gasket and filter only change 2-3 quarts of 9 quart system. Need to change all the tranny oil. After I would just because change the pan gasket and filter again. Wouldnt hurt.

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