1991 Plymouth Acclaim


Cheryl Poe

February, 21, 2007 AT 1:27 PM

RE: Plymouth Acclaim 1991, 4 cylinder. 75,000 miles. I am a new user. My husband is a mechanic and has been trying to fix this car for the past 6 months. The problems are all intermittent. At times, it will lurch when stopped at a light. At times, it will stall while going down the road. After stalling, it will usually not start for a designated period of time (not yet determined. At least 5 min, sometimes longer) occasionally it will start right back up. Other times it runs fine but if asked to start back up once driven before it sits for a designated period of time it will not start right away. It cranks but will not start--then when it does start, it acts like nothing is wrong. My husband says it gets no spark when this is happening and he has replaced the ignition module. Incidentally, since replacing the ignition module, knock on wood, the stalling problem seems to have ceased. However, the lurching (occasionally) and the problems with restarting after only a short period of time continue. We are pretty sure it is in the ignition, but would like any suggestions you may have. If it matters at all, the timing belt was replaced on this car prior to all the above symptoms starting.


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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February, 21, 2007 AT 1:41 PM

Try the ASD relay it supplies power to the coil when energized by the Powertrain Control Module.


Cheryl Poe

February, 21, 2007 AT 2:32 PM

Thank you rasmatz! Where is this located? Or what does ASD stand for?


Cheryl Poe

February, 21, 2007 AT 2:46 PM

Appreciate your help! I typed in ASD in the windows live search and went to a tech bulletin to Chrysler techs which gives alot of info We will try to digest this and are in the process of getting a code reader. Thanks a million for this insight. It is one we had not found anywhere else. We will post results.

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