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I have a 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Mileage is 136,000. Engine is a 307 cubic inch V8 with a 4 barrel carb. The motor turns over but I have no spark. I pulled the spark plug wire on the no. 1 cylinder and there is no spark. I have replaced the following: New distributor cap, rotor button, plugs (gapped to.080), plug wires, coil, pick-up coil and ignition module. My Haynes book states that the distributor in my vehicle is " maintenence free". I assume that means that all the distributor does is turn the fly wheel. When I replaced the pick-up coil, I inspected the teeth on the bottom of the distributor for damage. Nothing. Please help me. I'm about to crack up!

Saturday, September 8th, 2007 AT 11:45 AM

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Check for power to the coil positive while cranking it over-if its less than 7 volts check your wiring back to ignition switch.

BTW ignition coils with red and white leads should be match with pick-up coil having a clear, a black or blue connector. Ignition coil with red and yellow leads must be matched with pick-up coils with a yellow connector

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Saturday, September 8th, 2007 AT 3:41 PM

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