1994 Oldsmobile



November, 16, 2006 AT 8:28 PM

Every couple days the car will stall. No warning, just turns off. If I wait about 20 minutes it starts back up again and will drive for a couple more days until it turns off again. I have replaced the ECM, ignition module, ignitions coils, speed sensor, camshaft sensor, throttle sesnor, and the IAC. It's not throwing any codes - Help!

1 Answer


Bob G

December, 3, 2006 AT 1:14 AM

Sounds like the only thing you haven't changed is the crankshaft sensor. It cost around $49.00 so before you do I would purchace a spark tester, it cost around $5.00, It's a little glass light with a wire coming off it, you take one wire off one of your spark plugs and connect this tester to the spark plug and the wire you disconnected from the plug connects to the other end of the tester. Keep this tester with you in the glove box, and when the car dies again, hook up the tester and have someone crank the engine, while you watch to see if the light blinks, if it blinks then you have spark and don't need a crank sensor. I would then check your fuel supply. You'll probably have to have a pressure test done, it could be just a fuel pressure regulator, which is on the motor screwed into the fuel rail (easy change) If not you could have a faulty electric fuel pump, that's located in the gas tank, and the tank will have to be dropped. Good luck

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