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Engine Cooling problem
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i have a 1989 oldsmobile cutlass ciera I was having problems with so I took it to a shop and they did a dino diagnostic on it and replaced my fuel regulator. Now I am still having the same problem it gets overheated fast (there are no leaks and the coolant level is fine) and when it does get over heated I have problems with it shutting its self off when I slow down or stop what could this be? I have heard many problems from the fuel injection censor to the throttle censor needing a thermostat and even it being as simple as just needing a tune up? I am lost and confused

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Friday, September 3rd, 2010 AT 6:09 PM

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If it is overheating, you have to start there. Start by changing the thermostat, flush the cooling system and check all hoses to make sure nothing is collapsed. Also, make sure the cooling fans are coming on.

As far as the engine running, it may just be related to the engine temp. A tune up will not cause the engine to overheat. Also, neither the TPS not the injectors will cause it. If the injectors are dumping fuel, you will get black smoke from the exhaust.

Try that and let me know what you find.


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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 AT 5:56 PM

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