1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Hesitation/Misfire?

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 150,000 MILES
Hi, I am having a problem with my 1988 Delta 88' Royal Braugham. The odometer is broken so I am not sure of the KM's but I have owned it for just over 1yr and put on about 20,000km and the Odometer reads 55,000km. I do my own routine maintenance on schedule.

The problem first started about 100km after my mom put about 20ltrs of fuel in. She fueled up while out in the bush at a remote location in western Alberta. So I was thinking fuel problems or water in the gas being the gas station was not a regular style but more of what you would see on a farm!

The problem is intermittent but is doing it 95% of the time. It seems to be not as bad while idling or cruising with very little pressure on the gas peddle. Its that 5% of the time it seems to run fine. Then 2 seconds later it spudders/misfires/hesitates. Especially if I give it more gas while under load. The more load I put the worse it gets. It seems to be a fuel problem or detination but.

I have checked for codes and received only code 12. I have drained the fuel tank and refilled with gas while adding a fuel treatment and changed the fuel filter. While doing this I also bled the fuel lines up to the fuel rail by disconnecting the fuel line at the rail and turning the key forward to push fuel through the line. I also did this while having the fuel filter off.I did this several times and pushed through aprox. 2 liters of fuel! I have checked for vacuum leaks and found none, and checked the plug wires. I pulled the spark plugs and they were very black/sooty as if its running rich, so I cleaned them(they are fairly new) and reinstalled. I do not smell/see any fuel in the oil. Also I am not leaking any oil/coolant anywhere. The exhaust fumes however do smell somewhat like gas! I have also cleaned the wiring harness that hooks up to the ignition coil and cleaned the ignition coil with electrical contact cleaner.

I am stuck on what to do next or even were to look for the problem. As stated it started just after fueling up out in the bush so I immediately thought fuel. And it feels like fuel/detination problems.

Thanks for anytime and replies!
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 AT 12:15 PM

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Wooohooo! Problem is FIXED!

It was the ignition coil.

After making this post today I did more research and had a hunch it may be the ignition coil acting up so I found some other info with others stating they have had the same type of problem.

So I was driving my other car to town and passed by the local auto wreckers. And figured I would stop in to see if they had any similar engines. And found a NinetyEight Olds with the 3.8. The engine was very similar with all the accessories the same. Just minor differences! So I pulled the ignition coil and payed the guy $10! Figured for that price I couldn't go wrong even if it wasn't the problem or that coil was no good as well!

The mounts were different and so was the wiring plug in. But the coils themselves were identical. So I just swapped coils onto my original mount. Cleaned it all with electrical contact cleaner. Fired it up and right away I noticed the difference. I then took it for a good 20km drive and it did not act up once! Safe to say the problem is fixed and the ignition coil was the culprit!

Altogether I payed aprox. $50 for an oil change/fuel filter/ignition coil. Plus I cleaned my plugs and checked the wires and all vacuum hoses. And cleaned the vacuum filter located beside the ignition coil and the air filter as well!

Its running like a top now:) Thanks to anyone who was considering to answer!

Pays to be a DirtyRuffneck (I'm actually a Driller not a Ruffy)

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 AT 9:29 PM

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