1999 Oldsmobile Alero



February, 26, 2008 AT 6:58 PM

Brakes problem
1999 Oldsmobile Alero 4 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 110, 00 miles

I have a 1999 olds alero with the anti-lock brake light and trac off button staying on. I was told it was an abs sensor that was bad. Is this true? If so is it an easy fix or does the hub bearing need replaced again. I had the hub bearing repaired last year and was told the sensor is bad on the left which is the hub I replaced. How much does the part cost and is it separate from the hub bearing or built on it?

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April, 22, 2008 AT 9:29 PM

This problem is definately from a wheel speed sensor. Unfortunately you can not buy the sensor alone, you need to buy the hub assembly for it. Go to autozone or somewhere to have the diagnostic code read to find out which wheel it is. You may want to check the wires going to that hub assembly before purchasing a new one which costs about $120.

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