1991 Oldsmobile 88



July, 30, 2010 AT 1:11 AM

Electrical problem
1991 Oldsmobile 88 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Car want start not getting fire had modulator ck its fine not getting any spark my security light stays on when it was running I was wandering if that would have anything to do with it not starting ang getting th a sprk way else could it be


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August, 13, 2010 AT 9:24 PM

If it is the security system, and it sounds that way, try this. Turn the key to the run position and let it there for about 10 minutes to see if the security light goes off. Then try to start it. If it starts, that is the problem. The 10 minutes will over ride the system.

Let me know what you find.



2CarPros Mike

June, 4, 2013 AT 12:24 PM

Replied on July 30, 2010

Hi, If The Security Light Was Staying On, Then It Could be The Problem. First Measure The Resistance On the Key. The Ignition Key Has A little Pellet Sticking out. With A DVOM Meter, Put The Meter Leads across The Pellet and Measure Ohms. Write Down The Resistance Measurement. Now Put the Key In the Ignition, Remove The Lower Panel, under The steering Column. Look For A Little Connector With Two Little White wires In It. The Outer Insulator May be Orange, This Wire Goes To The Ignition Lock Cylinder. Now Carefully Disconnect This Connector With The Two Small White Wires In It, Measure The resistance Across Those Two Little Wires. Going Up to The Ignition lock, Make Sure The Key In In the Ignition Lock When Doing so. You Should Have The same reading of Resistance As In the pellet, If no resistance, Then You need to Replace The Ignition Lock assembly. You need special tools to remove the upper part of the steering column, to gain access to the ignition lock. It is very common for those wires to break off at the ignition lock.

Hope This Helps You,
Good Luck

Edward S.
Answered by Edward.S

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