1986 BMW



May, 9, 2013 AT 5:50 PM

The engine cranks but I have no spark or fuel I have tested the crankshaft refrence sensor it seems good the main ground from the ecu seems good I have been trying to find this problem for 2 or 3 weeks and my teacher at the career and technologies center I go to in the mornings belives its the ecu but I really dont wanna spend 500$ on an ecu. The car was running fine prior to the problem minus a minor idle problem I was having I backed off the set screw on the throttle butterfly because it was idleing around 1300 rpm and it dropped when I backed the set screw off but started to hunt for an idle after it ran for a few minutes but was runing fine with that problem shut it off one morning came out an hour later to start it and nothing it is cranking but there is no spark or fuel
ANY help would be grately appreciated this car is my baby


2 Answers



May, 9, 2013 AT 5:58 PM

Start with basics, compression, spark test and fuel pressure. Crank sensors are common on this. It needs to be scoped to check.




May, 9, 2013 AT 6:24 PM

I did scope the sensor it was good I havent checked fuel pressure but I did do a spark test and there is spark at the coil but not at the plugs, I have read in some cases its the main relay that feeds power to the ecu and the fuel pump relay but would you have any ideas outside of that I want to test every possibility

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