1993 Nissan Truck Where is the PCV Valve on this thing?

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Nissan Truck 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 237K miles

The truck is a Nissan 1993 5 speed manual trans. With 2-wheel drive. Its a D-21 pickup. 2.4L 4 cylinder.

I know The PCV valve must be there somewhere but I can't find a diagram or pictures anywhere that are decent showing its location. If I can find it I can spin it out and change it. Its been in there several years and can't be doing its job well, so I'd like to change it before it makes problems for me. I have read that they can get clogged. It's a $3.00 part I'd like to change out, but where is it and how do I get to it?

PLEASE - don't tell me it must be up in the iintake manifold etc. & So forth. Yes I know that but I have no clear diagrams, pictures or instructions on where to find it on the engine block. Everyone has already told me here "look for a big fat tube - that must be it" . There's 100 miles of tubes going in and out of that block of every size and shape, so if you don't specifically know where it is and how to reach it, please don't reply to this.

I was told once that reaching it involved taking off the passenger side right front tire and putting a jack stand under the wheel to reach it because the front wheel would block you. Its down low on the intake manifold somewhere, but I can't see it.

If you know how to find it, reach it and you have clear pics or diagrams that look anything like what the engine reallly looks like in the truck (They look so good in the manuals don't they? And often they look anything like whats under your hood.) Let me know. If you can forward some useful info to me please do.

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Dear Tomd915,
I don't know if you have had this question answered or not. But here are my findings.
I own a 1997 Hardbody(KA24E)4 cyl; 5 speed; 211k miles on it and just discovered the 'secret' location of my valve 3 days ago. My truck has other issues but this part was on my hit list for sure. It's located directly behind the alternator attached to a black breather box with the connector hose being about 8 in. Long going to a 90* tube/elbow that connects directly to the underside of the intake manifold(directly under the throttle body). The I.D. Of the connector hose is 3/8". So it's about the size of the hose coming from the fuel filter. This valve isn't viewable from above and believe me, I REALLY LOOKED! So I needed to remove the passenger side rubber splash guard, remove the passenger-side wheel and access it from the wheel well. Unless you want to disassemble the front end to include the water pump, alternator, belts, hoses, etc, etc. I would go thru the wheel well. I used a GearWrench open/closed wrench in 3/4" to get it done. Use the wrench's closed-end to tighten the valve down. It's much easier. Check that the hose is clear/clean of any sludge/debris. Use compressed air to dislodge foreign matter. I pulled a rag thru it to clear out sludge. Have a bright light and about 2 hrs. If your handy with tools to tackle this job. It can be done! Good Luck to you!
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