1998 Nissan Altima



February, 7, 2006 AT 11:58 AM

I need to replace the brake shoes on the rear of my car, however I cant remove the drum, it is knocked free of rust and im told that the shoes will wear into the drum holding it in place. I was also told that there is an adjuster to back the shoes off. I have spent some time trying to locate the adjuster. There doesnt seem to be a wheel with teeth like anyone has described to me that there should be. Can you tell me exactly where the adjuster is and exactly what it looks like?


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February, 7, 2006 AT 1:38 PM

The adjuster its on the inside plate you will find an a rubber plug take that out and you will find an a oblicual and about 2" long hole, its hard to se it but you can insert a couple of small screwdrivers (flat) with one of them raise the lock (its kind of tricky, but its not that hard) and then with the anotherone move the wheel First up and if the drum get stuck turn it down and viceversa for the another side.

Sometimes the hole its on the drum, be aware of that.

Hope it helps!


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