1995 Nissan Altima



July, 11, 2008 AT 9:33 PM

Brakes problem
1995 Nissan Altima 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 146000 miles

I recently purchased a '95 Altima gxe. When I test drove it the brakes were soft(didn't start to engage until 2 inches before the floor), but they worked. I changed the front calipers and bled them thinking that would solve the problem. In fact they got worse. Next I replaced the master cylinder and bled them again. No improvement. I tested the power-booster per manual instructions and it seems fine. So I replaced the brake hoses. No improvement. What could the problem be?

P.S.-. After the first repair the car also started stalling out every 1000 ft or so. I had also replaced the front right cv joint half shaft(no problems). I don't know if that's related.

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July, 12, 2008 AT 3:17 PM

Hi jmerz215,

Did you check the rear brakes? Improper rear shoes/pads (could be due to park brake cable) adjustment can cause the pedal to be low.

You need to check the master cylinder and booster push rod clearance if it is not the rear brakes.

CV joint replacement should have nothing to do with the engine stalling. Check if you had dislodged any vacumn hoses while installing the CV joint or brake master cylinder.

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