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Mitsubishi Galant GS
2.4l 4 cyl


I am having a frustrating time with my Galant. The battery simply will not hold a charge. Jump started it last night at my friends house and he ran a voltmeter across the battery and it showed just over 14 volts, so presuming that the alternator is fine. When I switch off the engine however the power just drains out of the battery, and if I try to start it 30 secs after switching it off then it just clicks. My friend (who is a bit more knowledgable than I) was guessing that either it is a bad diode somewhere or something is shorting out and causing the battery to drain almost instantly. Do either of these sound plausible and if so, how can I check to narrow down the problem? Any other thoughts as to what the culprit might be?

Thanks in advance


Monday, July 30th, 2007 AT 12:58 PM

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First you need to make sure the battery is good. If so you need to check for a short. You need an amp meter. Remove neg cable put one lead on cable and other on neg side of battery. Should not have more.0050 of amp if over 1/2 amp is too much. Pull fuses one at a time to untill 1/2 amp and lower. That part of curicut is the problem. Then need to trace out the problem.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007 AT 10:35 PM

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