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December, 1, 2007 AT 9:14 AM

Heater problem
2003 Mitsubishi V6 Front Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles

My car takes a very long time to heat up. I have let it warm up for 30 minutes and still no heat. Eventually after driving for awhile the temperature gauge goes way up then I have heat, but the temperature gauge fluctuates and I have heat off and on. Also my car seems to only generate heat while driving, at an idle it throws out cold air. Any information on what could be the problem would be appreciated. I was told maybe its just the thermostat sticking? Thanks. This is a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt.


Temp Gauge


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December, 1, 2007 AT 9:19 AM

When was the last time the cooling system was flushed and refilled? Thermostat can be a concern with these symtoms, but if the coolant is very dirty and weak, you will clog the heater core and possibly the radiator, and gunk will build up inside the water jackets in the block, circulation at this point is reduced. To check for a blocked heater core,
Try warming the Vehicle, then carefully feel the heater hoses, are they both hot? If one is cooler than the other, You need to flush the core, or a replacement job on the heater core. Also if the system has a heat control valve on the heater hose, make sure it is working!

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