2003 MG



September, 8, 2009 AT 1:58 PM

Engine Performance problem
2003 Other MG Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 74000 miles

i have an MG zs 1.8 16v injection. I start it in the morning and it would not idle the pin was up and down, and sounded like it was misfiring, also the orange lengine light came on. I started it this afternoon and it ran like a dream. The problem started 2 weeks ago, its been ok when it is warmed up but misfired once or twice on a 10 mile journey. I have changed the plugs. Checked the air filter, and lubed as many connectors I can find. Starts when cold but isnt idling properly. Any help appreciated.

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September, 8, 2009 AT 2:16 PM

Best thing to do is take it in and have codes read in computer see what set the light. Then post and will advise.



September, 8, 2009 AT 2:33 PM

Thanx will do.

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