1973 MG Midget


barry bailey

October, 18, 2010 AT 9:43 AM

Electrical problem
1973 MG Midget 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 85,000 miles

While driving my MG Midget it just stopped running. Any devices using the battery work (lights, horn, wipers) but any devices requiring the ignition switch to be on do not work (turn signals, fuel pump, fuel gauge). The starter motor turns over but the engine will not fire. It acts like a fuse but I replaced all 4 in the fusebox and 1 inline, unless there is another that is hidden somewhere. I replaced the turn signal flasher unit earlier the same day. It seemed to work fine but I am suspect as this is the only change that occured before my problem.


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October, 29, 2010 AT 12:44 PM

You may have a relay not working. By the fuse box there may be 2 relays. One is thestart relay and the other is the ignition relay. Theignition one may not be working or have poor connections. Check to see if there is power to the coil as well. Ou could also have a bad ground or bad ignition switch. If you decide to fix this your self, getthe book by Rick Astley which is MGB electrical systems. Midgets are covered there as well or are very similar. You can get teh book at most english car suppliers and bookstores like Borders or Amazon

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