1996 MGF head gasket

  • 1996 MG MGF
Engine Cooling problem
1996 MGF 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 740000 miles

hi, hope you can help or advise. I noticed a coolant leak on the mg and sent it into a garage for repair I was told the water pump needed replaceing. After the repair 2 days later the car was leaking again this time I was told the head gasket had gone. We had this repaired at the cost of 555.00. The day it returned we noticed it was blowing clouds of white smoke from the exhausts. The garage pressure tested and said the car was ok and it may burn off. Afetr another one hundred miles the car was still blowing white smoke. The garage are now telling me that because we only had a headgasket and gasket kit replaced and skimmed and not a decoke that there could be oil stems faulty and oil getting into the head but wont know this until they have stripped it all down at our cost and possible head gasket replacement again. I have been told by many mechanics that white smoke indicates water getting into the head or a cracked block The garage is telling me this is not the case as its had a new headgasket and has been pressure tested, I also thought if it was oil getting into the head it would blow blue smoke not white. Could you please offer any advice or assistance.
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Monday, July 12th, 2010 AT 2:47 PM

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Well it looks as if you are getting some bad advice. When you change a head gasket, unless it is a faulty gasket it should have a few things done. It should be checked for flatness on the head and block. It should be no more than.003" on either side. Then it should be checked for cracks by looking at a clean head /block surface. Blocks don't crack to much but heads do, more so if they are aluminum. Usually on a haead gasket replacement the smoke clears within 20 or so miles. Valve seasl will give a bluish colored smoke not white. If you are using coolant the level should be down. If it is find another garage to take it to as this one doens' tseem to know what to do.
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Friday, October 1st, 2010 AT 8:12 PM

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