2001 MG MGF



May, 17, 2010 AT 10:01 AM

Engine Performance problem
2001 MGF Two Wheel Drive Manual 78000 miles

I have a 51 reg MGF, mileage 75000. It has been losing oil and coolant fast and then conked out. Consensus is that it is the big end and needs an engine rebuild/replacement. I can't get an exact quote as I am told the engine needs taking apart before the extent of the problem can be diagnosed, and this will obviously incur initial costs, but that it is looking likely to be approaching £2000. I was planning on selling the car in 2 months anyway to share my partner's car when I give up work and also I need to spend about £200 to replace the electric window mechanism before I sell it.
I want to know whether it is worth the repair bill or just selling it for whatever I can get in its current condition to save forking out lots now then selling it for perhaps £3000 in a couple of months anyway.
What would you advise?

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October, 1, 2010 AT 8:15 PM

I'm in the u.S. But 2000 lbs sounds like a hell of a lot ot give a diagnosis of an engine failure. I wouldn't bother putting the money into it. Just sell it for what you can get.

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