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October, 27, 2007 AT 7:43 AM

I have a '93 mercury tracer. The car failed the emissions test last week, so my mechanic replaced the catalytic converter, clean some sensor and added some chemicals into the fuel tank. After his intervention, my car passed the inspection.

Two days later, 5 minutes after I started driving on the road, my engine cought fire.

If you could help me find out what happened.

I saw my mechanic replacing my cat. Converter with a different second hand one, wich was bigger and it had a different shape. I'm positive it was not the right one for my car.

Any suggestion would help. Thank you

2 Answers


Service Writer

October, 27, 2007 AT 7:50 AM

Second hand cat?

Where did the fire originate? Have you had any oil leaks?

Maybe post some pics?

Not sure where to go with this.



October, 27, 2007 AT 9:30 AM

I had fire all around the engine. It looked like the whole engine was on fire. There were no oil leaks.

What I've noticed was that after he changed the BACK catalytic converter, the whole exhaust system was strongly shaking.

Another thing that I've noticed was that after he poured the cleaning chemicals inside the fuel tank and after I filed the tank with supreme gas, I could feel alot more engine power than before.

The last thing that was different was that I pressed down the defrost button for the rear window.

Also, there was a small hill before. I could have pressed the gas too much.

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