1995 Mercury Tracer intermittent upshift


Transmission problem
1995 Mercury Tracer 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

Transmission seems to work fine until it gets hot, then it will still shift but very harshly. Eventually it will get to the point of not shifting out of first at all, If I accelerate to about 25 mph in first and then shift to neutral and then into drive it will upshift for a moment and then downshift back to first again. Sometimes if I repeat this procedure enough times it will straighten out and work fine again. Transmission has been serviced within the last 20000 miles. Any ideas? All the mechanics are baffled.
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4EAT HARSH OR SOFT 1-2 AND/OR 2-3 SHIFTS TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 94-23-12, Date of Issue: November 14, 1994 Related Ref Number(s): 94-23-12 ARTICLE BEGINNING TRANSAXLE - 4EAT - HARSH OR SOFT 1-2 AND/OR 2-3 SHIFT - REVISED AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE LINE PRESSURE READINGS - SERVICE TIP APPLICATION Model(s): Ford: 1991-95 Escort Lincoln-Mercury: 1991-95 Tracer Bulletin No.: 94-23-12 Date: November 14, 1994 ISSUE Some vehicles may have a harsh or soft 1-2 shift and/or 2-3 shift. This may be due to incorrect line pressure specifications. ACTION To improve transmission shift quality, check line pressure readings and refer to the following Line Pressure Specification Chart for the correct pressures. LINE PRESSURE SPECIFICATION CHART
Page 1 of 2 4EAT HARSH OR SOFT 1-2 AND/OR 2-3 SHIFTS -1995 Mercury Tracer


If line pressures are not within specifications, refer to the appropriate Service Manual for proper adjustment of line pressures and diagnosis procedures. OTHER APPLICABLE ARTICLES91-1-10 , 92-18A-8 WARRANTY INFORMATION WARRANTY STATUS: Information Only OASIS CODES: 501000, 502000, 503000, 504000

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