1999 Mercury Sable All sorts of stuff

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 49,000 MILES
1) left front door lock no longer locks and makes grinding noise when when locking by button or remote. Need new lock actuator but need instructions on how to do that.

2)Replaced coolant bottle and and exhaust but "service engine soon" light came back on. Thermostat or bad exhaust sensor?

3)how do you replace the multifuntion wiper/turn signal switch? Yep, I need to replace that. I use turn signals and wipers come on at the same time. Very annoying.

4)car's front wobbles and shimmies like a coochie dancer in a bar when I'm braking, especially at higher speeds.

Good car otherwise. Inherited from my mother who hardly ever drove it.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2010 AT 8:35 AM

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Lock actuator, there is a large rivet at the bottom of the door, drill that out then remove the door trim panel, unplug the connector and remove the actuator, reverse this to install the new actuator, you will need to rent the riveter tool.
If the check engine light is on, go to Autozone and have the code(s) read before you start to replace parts! Post all codes found, they read them for free.
The shakes while braking are usually the front rotors need to be replaced.
MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH Removal & Installation 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. On models with tilt wheel, adjust steering wheel to lowest position, then remove tilt lever. On all models, remove lock cylinder. See LOCK CYLINDER (FUNCTIONAL) or LOCK CYLINDER (NON-FUNCTIONAL). 2. Remove upper and lower steering column covers. On column shift models, disconnect transmission shift indicator column. On all models, remove multifunction switch from housing. Remove wiring harness retainer. Disconnect multifunction switch connectors. To install, reverse removal procedure.
LOCK CYLINDER (FUNCTIONAL) Removal Disconnect negative battery cable. Turn lock cylinder to RUN position. Locate hole in shroud under lock cylinder. Insert a 1/8" drill bit or punch into hole. Press lock cylinder retaining pin while pulling lock cylinder from housing. Installation 1. Turn lock cylinder to RUN position. Press retaining pin inward and insert lock cylinder into housing. Ensure lock cylinder is fully seated and aligned with interlocking washer. 2. Rotate lock cylinder to OFF position. This allows retaining pin to extend into hole in housing. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. NOTE: If lock cylinder is non-functional (lock cylinder cannot be rotated because of missing key or damaged lock cylinder), see LOCK CYLINDER (NON-FUNCTIONAL).
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