Mercury Mystique



March, 15, 2007 AT 5:58 AM

Its my neices car. 98 mercury mystique.

She started it on Friday morning, and it stalled. Started it later in the day and the engine was making a weird noisy sound. From the belt/s area. She turned it off, then it would not start back up. It just kept rolling over/cranking. And eventually died. Her dad says its the timing belt? My friend says is is NOT the timing belt, if so. It does needs adjusted. Or whatver.

His first thought was changing the spark plugs, because they looked pretty bad anyway. I did that, and tried starting the car. The first time it sounded like the car WANTED to start, then just went back to the way it was (just cranking) I then reaLalized that I forgot to " gap" the new spark plugs! Could that be the problem?


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March, 22, 2007 AT 1:42 PM

No most plugs come pre-gapped. Are there any codes? Engine light on? You need to know if the car is not getting spark or gas. Pull a plug wire and test for spark. Then look at the fuel rail and find the valve that looks like a tire stem. Press the needle in and see if there is any gas. Let us know wich is missing!



October, 28, 2007 AT 1:54 PM

I Have the Same Problem. 1998 Mercury Mystique 150,000 miles I have Changed to Spark Plugs, the Wires to the plugs. I have also changed the Fuel Filter. The Engine cranks but does not start. I have Sprayed Starting fluid in the air intake and nothing works. Any help would be great

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