2006 Mercury Montego


George Calkin

September, 18, 2010 AT 10:17 AM

Brakes problem
2006 Mercury Montego 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I can't seem to get the caliper piston back far enough to put the new pads on.


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September, 18, 2010 AT 10:41 AM

Installation Fig. 2: Compressing Brake Caliper Piston Into Caliper Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO. 1. Using the special tool (or equivalent such as OTC tool #7317A), compress the brake caliper piston into the caliper. 2. Clean the residual adhesive from the brake caliper fingers and pistons using the specified brake parts cleaner. 3. Install the new spring clips and brake pads. 4. Position the brake caliper and install the 2 bolts. Tighten to 31 N.m (23 lb-ft). 5. If necessary, fill the brake fluid reservoir with clean specified brake fluid. 6. With the vehicle engine running, apply 89-133 N (20-30 lb) of pressure on the brakes for approximately 1 minute, to make sure the brake pads adhere to the caliper before any contamination can be introduced. 7. Test the brakes for normal operation. NOTE: To move the piston back into the caliper, the LH piston is turned clockwise and the RH piston is turned counterclockwise. NOTE: A moderate to heavy force toward the caliper piston must be applied. If sufficient force is not applied, the internal park brake mechanism clutch cone will not engage and the piston will not compress. CAUTION: Do not allow grease, oil, brake fluid or other contaminants to contact the brake pad or caliper mating surface. Do not install contaminated pads. NOTE: Install all the new hardware supplied with brake pad kit.



September, 25, 2010 AT 4:37 PM

Sorry to Jump on the end of your post, MR. GEORGE!

Merin 2021 Assisted me thru " PM" or Private Message

I had no way to show him my appeciation for assisting me with my Wifes 2003 Ford Escape.

MR. MERLIN2021 Should be commended, I asked many people in this field what could be wrong with it. (It was Jerky--while driving, and threw out NO CODES)

I bet I got 5 different answers, before I HAD TO CONSULT WITH MERLIN 2021

If you investigate mine and his profilesHe's up above the Mason Dixon----I am Below

His answer was different, than the others I got, I hated to bother him (I rag on him from time to time)

I asked him point blank---using all of the SUPER SOUTHERN INFORMATION I sent him. What was his Best guess to what was in need of attention.

He said it could be the MAF sensor or the O2 sensors. They would show the symptoms I had, if they were Defective.

I have a Low end Code Scanner, Merlin 2021 said it could not detect OTHER CODES, only OBD Codes

So instead of Taking it somewhere and Spending Money I do not have, I took a chance on a Parts Swap ($109 Worth) I changed the MAF Sensor, since that was his 1st on the List.

WAH-LAH. PERFECT CALL. Good thing I didn't listen to the other guys!

I answer questions here too, but I am mainly stuck in the '80s on back. My cup of tea is CJ 5s and CJ 7s and mechanical problems on other stuff. Computer stuff is where I fall down.

I am a member here. Like many others, I just answer alot, this is one of my hobbies. They even gave me a new Title!

I have " INVESTIGATED" Merlin 2021, he does a good job with his answers. He answered my 1st question a year and a half ago

He has answered me countless times when I had questions about the SITE, in " PM" I saw that one of the big guys@2car pros, gave him 25 points for an answer

I investigated points a few days ago. For my 1st Answer from him, I gave him 1,000,000 pointsOnly one showed up!

I found out you start with 180 points, So this Time, Just to show you that I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE BIG GUYS!----I will take " THEIR 25" and UP IT 5!


Thanks Again Fellow American,

Love You Man!

The Medic



September, 25, 2010 AT 6:23 PM

You do me proud Reb! Thanks for the kind words

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