1999 Mercury Cougar No spark at the ignition coil

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Electrical problem
1999 Mercury Cougar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 110470 miles

I have an issue with the car not starting. It was first only when it was very cold outside (Chicago weather), now it will not start anytime. I pulled the number four plug and am getting no spark through the plug. I replaced the ignition coil and it made no difference. The car runs and idles great when it starts. Any help would be appreciated.

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Saturday, February 27th, 2010 AT 2:49 PM

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First, is your check engine light on? If so, then this is the first place to start. If there's no codes, then proceed with the following.

You'll have to check voltage to the coil packs. (You should purchase a service manual for detailed illustrations of the connectors and wires)

***Disconnect the fuel pump relay during this test***

Measure voltage from the "start/run" terminal and ground. (The wiring harness leading to the coil packs) If there's 10+ volts, then hook up a test light from the same terminal and the other terminals in the connector one at a time. Turn the engine over and check the test light. If it blinks steadily, then your computer is telling the coils to fire but they aren't. If it isn't blinking (or voltage measures less than 10 volts at the start/run terminal), then there's a reason why, and you'll have to do further testing of the computer and sensors.

To test the coil packs themselves, you'll have to measure the resistance of each coil. Compare them to the specs in the service manual. If they're out of specs, replace them.


Before proceeding with any tests, check that you have good grounds and that none of your wires/connectors on the engine are loose/corroded, etc.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2010 AT 10:03 PM

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