How to replace and bleed ABS fluid - ML320

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Thanks in advance to any Auto Pro who could provide me some direction of how to replace (include bleeding) the ABS fluid for a ML320. (Year 2000)
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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 AT 11:48 PM

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I would recommend using a vacuum assited bleeding system. This should include the bleeder bottle that you hook up to your compressed air and the reservior bottle. You can usually pick these up at larger autoparts stores. It will require compressed air to run but will allow you to do this on your own. Fill the reservior bottle and set in the brake fluid reservior. Now start at the passanger rear and with your bleeder bottle connected open the bleeder on the brake caliper. Let the fluid run for some time. You will end up with about.5 a liter of fluid before the fluid comes out completely clean. Once the fluid coming out of the line is clear, close the bleeder and move the the drivers rear caliper. Check your reservior and make sure you have plenty of fluid in the reservior bottle. You don't want this to ever go empty as you will introduce air into the brake system. Repeat the process at the drivers rear (keep in mind the rest of the calipers won't require nearly as much fluid to come out clear as the first one). Now move to the passanger front. Finally repeat at the drivers front. After you have finished bleeding the drivers front, top off your fluid. Close up the brake fluid reservior and get in the vehiicle. Start the vehicle and press the brake pedal several times until it feels like it gets harder. Once the system has built up pressure you are good to go.
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