1999 Mercedes Benz ML430



June, 20, 2010 AT 1:01 PM

Electrical problem
1999 Mercedes Benz ML430 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

my friends battery died in her mercedes ml 430 and so we took it to Checker to get it charged and it wouldnt take a charge so she bought a new battery and I put it in and the remote doesnt seem to want to work, we bought new batteries for it and still nothing, is there a fuse somewhere in the fuse box that I cant seem to find that may have gone bad? Or could it be the AAM located under the fuse box that could be the problem, and if so how difficult would it be for me to fix by myself? Thank you Fred

1 Answer


Dave H

September, 30, 2010 AT 3:58 AM

If it is not possible to lock or unlock the vehicle, a synchronization of the locking system can be necessary.
The reading-in process must be carried out within 10 seconds.
1. Insert transmitter key into ignition lock and turn to position 2
2. Remove key and press lock button and hold pressed, while simultaneously pressing the unlock button five times.
3. Release buttons and then press one of the two buttons once

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