2005 Mercedes Benz C230


MikeM pro

February, 14, 2008 AT 9:25 AM

Engine problem
2005 Mercedes Benz C230 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 22000 miles

I have had the car for 5 months and it performs great except that the check engine light keeps coming on. I have taken it back to the dealer 5 times and they can't seem to fix it. I keep taking it back and it is ok for 2-3 weeks and then the light comes back on. I did have a situation where the light was on for 4-5 days and then it went off to come back on 2-3 weeks later. It seems like the car is jinxed. My warrenty expires in six months so I am wondering if this is serious enough to get another car before too long?

Any idea why they can't find the problem?



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May, 21, 2008 AT 6:17 PM

I have the same car as you. From my personal experience with Mercedes I would recommend changing repair shops look for another dealership. I have had repairs done on my car and its as if they just patch things up and not fix the problem. My engine light just came on yesterday at 56K. The quality of there cars is rediqules I have had Fords that ran better and lasted longer.



June, 5, 2008 AT 4:09 PM

It would help if you could tell me what trouble code is tripping the check engine light. I used to Work for Mercedes and we had a problem for a long time with C230's. They had an incurable check engine light. The problem was in the ECU and Mercedes didnt have a fix for it. That was over 2 years ago so i'm sure they have a fix for it now. Try taking it to another dealer if theres one in your area.



October, 21, 2009 AT 9:03 AM

I have a 2000 C230 with 93,000 and the engine light came on. Before going to a dealership and getting consumed try the following because it worked for me. I purchased Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner and put it in the gas tank when it was almost empty. I drove the car for about one week and the check engine light went off. The reason was the Fuel System cleaner works well to keep the gas clean and as a mechanic told me, it often takes 15 - 20 cycles (drives) before the engine light corrects itself. It took about 5 days for the problem to stop but hope this experience helps.

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