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1999 Mercedes Benz C230 4 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 137000 miles

The other day I was driving my son to school and my check engine light came on. I noticed that the car was acting funny vibrating an idling very hard. When I push on the gas to accelerate the car surges before getting up to speed. It's missing or skipping, but once I get up to normal freeway speed it goes just fine. When I sit at an interesection the car sort of putts then when I accelerate it acts like it not getting any gas or air or something. I took it in for a tune up tinking it was the spark plugs and when I got back in the car it seemed fine but as soon as I got on to the freeway same thing. The shop wanted to charge me $90 just to diagnose the problem and then whatever charges on top of that to fix the problem. Could it be the fuel injectors or the O2 sensor?

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 AT 2:36 PM

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I had this same problem when I bought my 1998 c230. It was the mass air flow sensor or MAF. It is located in the big black hose that runs from your air filter box to the top of the intake manifold. You will see an electrical harness that runs off the black hose and that is the MAF. It gets dirty or old and needs to be replaced. You can buy just the sensor on ebay for under $100. No need to replace the entire plastic around it. The sensor can be removed with a torx bit. Youll also have to remove the clamps that hold it to the hose. You can try buying mass air flow sensor cleaner from CDC at your local auto parts store. It helped mine but I had to replace it as it only lasted a few days before spuddering again. If you need any more info my email is steverubel54@yahoo. Com. You may also want to register with benzworld. Org and other common forums that can help you avoid the stealership!

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Friday, February 8th, 2008 AT 4:07 PM

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