1996 Mercedes Benz 500sl howdo I change the transmission fl

  • 1996 MERCEDES BENZ 500SL
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 102,000 MILES
How do I change the transmission fluid and filter being what is called a sealed system?

will these online manuals tell me specifics or are they just diagrams. I am used to the Chilton format

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This vehicle should be equipped with a 722.6 style automatic trans. This filter is located directly behind the trans pan. Jack and block the vehicle and place the transmission in nuetral, key off.
1. Remove the trans drain plug and allow to drain.
2. Remove plastic cover on lower bell housing
3. Rotate the motor clockwise, from the harmonic balancer bolt until the drain for the torque contverter is exposed.
4. Remove torque converter drain plug and let drain
5. Reinstall torque converter drain plug and toque to 10 ftlbs
6. Remove the trans pan bolts. Drop the pan.
7. Remove and replace filter (you will see it is right below the valve body) Nothing special just remove and replace
8. Install new pan gasket
9. Reinstall pan and torque bolts to 71 inch lbs
(install in a criss cross fashion starting from the inner bolts and working out to the outer bolts)
10. Remove lock cap (must break tab to remove) on transmission filler tube in engine compartment. (This looks like a dipstick tube and is on the passanger side of the engine compartment with a red or black cap on the end)
11. Fill trans with approx. 4.5-5 quarts of fluid through this tube
12. Start the vehicle
13. With your foot on the break run the car through all gears manually, pausing at each one for a couple seconds. Repeat a second time
14. Leave the vehicle running and make sure that it has run enough to get the temp of the trans up to operating temp
15. Using a MB transmission dipstick part #140-589-15-21-00 (available at most dealerships) check your fluid level with the car running.
16. You will have to add more fluid (the refill capacity is 8 qts) but add some and run the vehicle through the gears. Add a bit more and run it through the gears. 1/2 a quart at a time is how I usually do it.
17. Once the level is about right test drive the vehicle, freeways are best. Get on and then off a freeway this way the vehicle will run through all gears
18. Recheck your fluid level and adjust if necessary.
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