1996 Mercedes Benz 300d engine will not start P0200 code wi

  • 1996 MERCEDES BENZ 300D
Engine Performance problem
1996 Mercedes Benz 300d 6 cyl Automatic 202000 miles

Car first quit on us idling in traffic 2 weeks ago. But restarted and ran fine. A week later it sarted running rough then stalled as if no fuel. 3/4 tank of fuel
Then my wife went to start and it would not.
Found code ifi and p0200 latched. Reset code and tried to start but just cranks with no fire. Where do I start? Fuel filter was changed recently within a month.

Update: I checked all vacuum hoses and checked for
any leaks around fuel injection pump. I reinstalled
crossover intake pipes. Car started up and ran for
several minutes. It seems to be running rough as mis firing at 1800 thru 2800 rpms. As you go up in rpms
it is quite evident. Is it possible one of the glow plugs
is bad causing one cylinder not to fire as well?
It feels like that. I just replaced the glow plugs due to glow plug light did not come on when going to start.
No codes on obd2 tester after running while misfiring.
Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, September 5th, 2010 AT 4:56 PM

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The glow plugs preheats the combustion chamber before start-up-Check and test the injectors
Was this
Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 AT 4:14 PM

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