1996 Mercedes Benz 220cdi



July, 15, 2010 AT 6:10 PM

Air Conditioning problem
1996 Mercedes Benz 220cdi Automatic

Hi. The center air vents recently stopped blowing- no air at all. But the side vents (driver and passenger) work perfectly, blowing cold air nicely. What could be the problem, how do I fix it, and how much can it cost to get it fixed?



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Dr Loot

July, 27, 2010 AT 10:45 AM

This kind of problems can be very complicated, and very difficult to prepare, but I will try to assist you, I need some more information is the vehicle equipped with an automatic climate control? Or a manual climate control? Most likely it is a vacuum actuator I need to know if you've recently have had the vehicle and for repairs?



July, 27, 2010 AT 3:52 PM

It does come equipped with an automatic climate control (there's a push button for it). I purchased the car in February 2010, and literally nothing was wrong with it, it still has many of the original parts. The only thing I've done is take it to a car service center for regular oil changes. They did say I'm going to need to replace the air filter soon. Could this be part of the problem? Thanks!


Dr Loot

July, 29, 2010 AT 1:12 AM

Basic Knowledge Automatic air conditioning push-button control module position/ function - GF83.40-P-2000E MODEL 202 as of 1.9.95 with CODE (581a) Air conditioning (Automatic)

Function The control and operating module (N22) permits performance of adjustments required by the driver, such as:
Passenger compartment temperature selection by pressing the warm/cold push-button, a separate adjustment for driver and passenger is not possible
Manual air quantity by pressing the push-button +/-
Manual air distribution by pressing the push-button
Recirculated air by pressing the push-button
Activation of residual engine heat recirculation, with ignition off, by pressing the push-button
Switching off cooling by pressing the push-button
Automatic air distribution and blower speed by pressing the push-button Defrosting function by pressing the push-button
The driver will be shown these adjustments on the display.

Furthermore the control module integrated into the control and operating (N22) module takes over regulation and control of systems, such as: comparison of the preselected / actual temperatures and adjustment of the passenger compartment temperature automatic switching from fresh air to recirculated air automatic air distribution automatic blower speed actuation of the refrigerant compressor actuation of the auxiliary ventilator The control and operation module (N22) can be diagnosed so that faults arising are stored in a fault memory, which can be read out On Board or with the aid of the Hand-Held Tester.

You are going to have to and pull the code

Removing and installing push-button control module for automatic heater or air conditioning (tempmatic) - AR83.25-P-1120E MODEL 202 up to 31.8.95 except CODE (305a) Dust filter

Removal, installation
1. Remove radio AR82.60-P-7502EA
2. Pull off control knobs (1 and 2)
3. Unscrew hex. nut (4)
4. Unscrew screws (5)
5. Remove cover (3)
6. Unscrew screws (6) 7
Pull out heater push-button control module (N18)
8. Disconnect connector between heater push-button control module (N18) and blower switch (S3)
9. Remove blower switch (S3) Press catch lug (7) away with screwdriver and turn blower switch (arrow) off = left, on = right
10. . Pull out blower switch (S3)
11. Reinstall in opposite order

I still think it's one of the actuator doors, when you push the button can you hear a vacuum leak?

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