1990 Mercedes Benz 190e heater removal

  • 1990 MERCEDES BENZ 190E
Heater problem
1990 Mercedes Benz 190e Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi I have got a 1990 2.6 190e manual transmission, the problem I have got is that I can feel warm air coming through after a while but the blower is not working.
Can you tell me please how to get to the heater to check it and possibly replace it, do I have to take the whole dash out?
Do you
have the same problem?
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Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Removal & Installation
Disconnect battery. Drain coolant. Remove instrument panel. Remove pushbutton switch unit. Remove radio. Remove center console top. Remove cover of air intake. Disconnect feed hose on engine. Disconnect return hose on recirculating pump. Disconnect and connect vacuum line on heater valve for a short moment. Set container under return flow hose.
Position compression air nozzle at feed hose and blow remaining coolant out of heat exchanger. Reconnect feed and return flow hose. Disconnect feed and return flow hose on heat exchanger. Remove pipe holder from holding bracket bottom left. Unscrew feed pipe on heat exchanger and pull out of front wall toward rear. Pull left hand and right hand air duct for lateral venting heater box.
Unscrew return flow pipe on heat exchanger and pull out of front wall toward rear. Loosen cable strap on heater box and pull line connector out of heater box. Pull both vacuum lines from vacuum element. Pull vacuum line from vacuum element. Separate plug connection. Lift heater box out in upward direction.
NOTE:Ensure to insert guide plate, so that the condensate water pan is not buckling in downward direction when heater box is inserted.

Fig. 7: Guide Plate Dimensions (Self-Made Tool)


Insert guide plate between front wall and condense water pan. Insert heater box. Then pull out guide plate in upward direction.
To install remaining parts, reverse removal procedure.

hope this helps.


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