BIG PROBLEM W/ 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL

  • 1984 MAZDA RX7

I recently purchased a 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL.

The problem is, I cannot drive it.

The night I bought it I was driving around and getting a feel for the car. Everything was running fine until I came upon a rather large hill. I pulled to the side of the road (not because of an error but rather to visit a friend who lived there) and applied the E-Brake. I wanted to adjust my parking job a little so I left the E-Brake on (as most people do when starting from a complete stop with a manual transmission) and attempted to put the gear shift into the first posistion. It wouldn't slide in so I moved it around (with the clutch fully depressed) and got it into fifth gear after about thirty seconds of playing with it. I then proceeded to slide the gear shift into first and I fixed my parking job with no problem. I left the car in first gear, with the E-Brake on, and turned it off. After I came back out I attempted to start the car (with the clutch depressed fully) and it did not do as it was supposed to. I then removed the gear shift from the first gear posistion and the car started up just fine. However, I now am not able to get the car into gear with the clutch pedal depressed. If I "pop start" (start the car while in gear) the car then it drives fine, the clutch doesn't slip and there are no other problems. However, I cannot get the car into another gear unless I speed shift (manually matching the revs in order to get the car into the next gear). I don't really know what to do from here.

I have not yet bled the clutch system but I will be doing so tommorow night. The slave cylinder and the clutch (the whole assembly) was replaced less than 500 miles ago. The only things not replaced at this time were the master cylinder and the clutch hose. The pedal does not stay at the floor when pushed down but it doesn't feel like it has anywhere near the amount of pressure it had when the car was driveable. Any help here would be appreciated immensely.
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006 AT 3:54 AM

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Mkae sure the slave cyl is not leaking inside the boot around it. Also make sure that the master cyl for the clutch is filled properly. It was not uncommon for the slave cyl's to go on these cars. I know you said it was replaced, but was it really? Checking the system for leaks is easy since there is only a very short flex line to the slave and it runs along the top of the firewall

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006 AT 4:39 PM

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