2003 Mazda Protege fuel system too lean

2003 Mazda Protege 4 cyl Automatic 89000 miles

I have had my Mazda for 5yrs. And I have had no problems at all.
It may be a coincidence but it seems like my trouble started after all of this gas shortage mess started. I wonder if I got some trash or debree from the bottom of the stations tank.
PROBLEM. My cel came on two weeks ago, the diagnostic said system too lean. I used injector cleaner and refueled. At that time the car was showing no problems. A week later it began to stumble during idleing. Then it began to hesitate during acceleration, I have to wait until all traffic is clear to pull out. Yesterday I was sitting at a stop light when it began to jump and stutter like it was trying to stay started then finally shut off. Putting it in neutral seems to help it not stutter when stopped at light. I have had 4 mechanics tell me 6 different problems. I thought I may have picked up some debree and needed a clean fuel filter, but one mech told me my car has no fuel filter. Is built in? Can you please help me? JENN
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Monday, September 29th, 2008 AT 11:02 AM

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2003 Mazda Protege fuel system too lean

A lean fuel condition can be caused by:

* Low fuel pressure due to a weak pump or leaky fuel pressure regulator. (Use a fuel pressure gauge to check fuel pressure at idle)

* Dirty fuel injectors. (Try cleaning the injectors)

* Vacuum leaks at the intake manifold, vacuum hose connections or throttle body. (Use a vacuum gauge to check for low intake vacuum)

* Leaky EGR valve. (Check operation of EGR valve)

* Leaky PCV Valve or hose. (Check valve and hose connections)

* Dirty or defective Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). (Try cleaning the MAF sensor wires or filament with aerosol electronics cleaner. Do NOT use anything else to clean the sensor, and do not touch the sensor wires
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Monday, September 29th, 2008 AT 11:34 AM

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