1994 Mazda Protege



December, 16, 2008 AT 1:00 PM

Electrical problem
1994 Mazda Protege 4 cyl Manual

I have changed the battery as well as the alternator and the battery still doesnt stay charged. It seemed to be happening mostly at night so I took out the fuses for the radio and clock and only drove during the day as to not use the headlights. That seemed to work fine for a couple of days but now the battery doesnt stay charged during the day either. I can get the car jumped but if I let it sit to charge the battery slowly dies, also if I rev to high rpms the battery light goes off? I have already spent a lot of money trying to figure this out and dont have much left, please help!


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December, 18, 2008 AT 10:58 PM

What do mean by " if I rev to high rpms the battery light goes off?&Quot; Are you saying that the battery light stays on all the time? That means your alternator is not charging up the battery. Take the car to an Autozone or CSK/O'Reilly, and ask them to test your electrical system. That will determine which part is faulty.

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